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About Us


As we enter 21st century, there is an increase in the aging population vis-à-vis the tandem growth in general. There is a need for sustainable medical care services to provide better quality of life. While the sustainable medical care methods exist in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years, Zhongjing Traditional Chinese Medicine aspire to promote the TCM spirit to all generations through our services.

Zhongjing Traditional Chinese Medicine (Zhongjing TCM) was established in 2014 under the name of TCM Homecare and Nanyang Zhongjing Institution. A decision was made to rebrand and combine the strengths of both services. Therefore, in 2019, we were renamed as Zhongjing TCM. The rebranding aims to collectively provide our services of medical services and institution under the umbrella of Zhongjing TCM.

In Zhongjing TCM, we pride ourselves in sharing TCM knowledge through lifelong learning with our very own Zhongjing TCM Institution. We are also committed to cater to individual needs encompassing personalized TCM modalities and herbs. Our state-of-the art equipment, quality of herbs and products undergo the strictest quality checks so that you can enjoy with a piece of mind.

Zhongjing TCM Medical Services

In Zhongjing Traditional Chinese Medical Services, we engage qualified and certified physicians who are bilingual and committed in delivering quality TCM one-stop services to our clients through modern technology and cloud-based system.

House-call services and central dispensary

We provide comprehensive services such as clinical services, house-call services, central dispensary with decoction services, customize program and product delivery. We are equipped with an advanced dispensary centre with automated decoction machine to decoct herbs. The centre ensures the strictest hygiene and quality of brewed medicine to cater to treatment requirements. At the same time, we also work closely with local Chinese medicine universities and research institutions to develop and promote Chinese medicine products.

Zhongjing TCM Institution

In Zhongjing TCM Institution, we recognize that comprehensive medical services require quality physicians. We are one of the few accredited TCM institutions in Singapore to be recognized by the Singapore TCM Practitioners' Board (TCMPB) to provide official continuous education, training and to issue Continuing Professional Education (CPE) points to all registered physicians in Singapore. During the pandemic of Covid-19, Zhongjing TCM is the first organization that was recognized by TCMPB to provide 3B Online Courses to ensure the continuity of professional learning.

Zhongjing TCM Institution curate and provide online and offline courses to ensure our physicians are kept abreast with TCM regulations and TCM knowledge anytime, anywhere. Our institution works with renown TCM practitioners from all over the world to share in-depth TCM knowledge through lecture series and forums. At the same time, we focus in collaborating with overseas universities to provide opportunities for TCM practitioners to be exposed to clinical practice and clinical cases discussion under quality mentorship.

Public talks and forums

The proper use and understanding of TCM knowledge are one of the many ways to build and restore health. There is a saying “Prevention is better than cure”. In Zhongjing TCM, we understand the importance of maintaining one’s health and prevent the occurrence of diseases. Therefore, we also hold talks for public focusing on general health topics so as to increase TCM awareness. We hope that through our one-stop TCM services and continuous education efforts, Zhongjing TCM can do our part in promoting and enhancing TCM awareness in order to improve the lives of everyone.

Vision, Mission & Core Values
Vision, Mission & Core Values
  • Vision: To be the finest one stop digitized TCM service provider.
  • Mission: To promote the wisdom of TCM to all generations through technology and personalized TCM services.
  • Core Values: Respect · Empowerment · Commitment · Integrity · Passion · Excellence
Our Testimonials


Convenient and time-saving. As TCM Homecare helps us to brew our medication



Friendly and approachable staffs


Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to express my gratitude to Physician LIAU KUEK FONG 廖国芳医师, for treating my strained waist. I woke up with a strained back or waist. It was so painful that I could not even move and had to be assisted for simple things like getting in a car. I was on a business trip to Singapore and managed to get a referral to TCM Homecare for Physician Liau. Physician Liau was prompt and made her way to Marina Bay Sands within an hour. After the acupuncture and cupping, my waist injury improved significantly. I was able to walk and get up without assistance. Physician Liau is professional and caring as she continued to check on my situation the few days. She also gave me advice on the food and precautions that I have to look out for the next few days. I am appreciative of the help and care that Physician Liau and TCM Homecare have offered. I am glad that my friend referred me to her. Regards, Calvin Z

Calvin Z
Calvin Z